e.m.i.s. provides you with the service of uploading your mind and creating a simulation for it, which will make you reach your highest potential. Committed to the best quality and utmost safety, we help you achieve more efficiency, dead or alive.

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highest data security

unlimited upload memory

organic, non-invasive practice

fastes computing power

e.m.i.s. provides you with the service of uploading your mind

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Our unique procedure uses a combination of traditional brain scanning and our patented DNA based nano probes. Our process is based on the 4-phase Whole Brain Emulation model that we have researched across generations, since we believe that the best way into our future is to move forward and embrace the legacy.

 1.Scanning the Brain

Thanks to our highly sensitive sensors we are able to perform a multilayered scan of your mind, reading your greatest joys and biggest fears, in order to process them for our high performance computers.

3.Run model on a Computer 

Our revolutionary e.m.i.s. servers provide unlimited upload memory and highest data security and serve as a basis for your simulation.

2.Translating into a Model

Stimulating your brain waves further we are able to convert the achieved scan into an analysable model our computers can read, reflecting your personal memories.

4.Simulating Environment 

We create your personal eternity, the holy place where your mind is going to be safe and free. Enjoy the e.m.i.s. community and your new, virtually unlimited part of your mind!

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Customer review

What people say

My disease has lost its power. I am flying there eternally.
Linda Paolo
Ceo & Founder Crix
I cannot wait for my grandchildren to join me at e.m.i.s., we will make memories
Christina Lou
Doing more work, generating more ideas, having more chances of making it on the job market. e.m.i.s. is in the right place at the right time.
Amanda Lee
Head of Marketing, SIM
Humanity has evolved evolutionarily and still is a lacking being. We become weak, old and die.. e.m.i.s. overcomes this process as a result of many years of research, combined with revolutionary technologies.
Christopher Thomas
Granpa of nine
The world is growing wings and I am part of this process.
Maria Schulte
Mother of two
With its technology, e.m.i.s. writes itself into the history of humanity. They deliver a simulation that feels more natural than all the competitors on the market.
Genna Gordan
Elderly care assistants


Most frequent questions and answers

Our brain emulation facilities of e.m.i.s are in maintenance right now. For opening dates, stay tuned!

We at e.m.i.s welcome any human being at any age.

No, our highly sensitive sensors are trained to scan your mind in a non-invasive and organic process which has no influence on the physical body.

The length of the process depends on the complexity of your mind and your ability to concentrate. On average, our clients finish their upload in about 30 minutes.

No, you can just enjoy the procedure, relax and concentrate on what you’re seeing and hearing.

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